What is the meaning of a blog?

  I have been unable to find an answer for a long time.

  In terms of content, years of blogging have not left behind anything that I think is worth preserving when switching to this new platform. In terms of social relationships, independent websites are undoubtedly already a thing of the past in the monopolized internet world.

  A few years later, looking at the automatically backed up data package of the previous blog site, recalling the content I wrote at that time, there is nothing worth bringing out again. The passion has dissipated, and I will no longer be immersed in the joy of satisfying my expressive desires by looking at how many people have read what I wrote in the statistics. They are like the notes left by the exam-oriented education, they are indeed proof of the past experience, but even I myself will not look at them again. No one really cares, not even myself.

  However, on the current platform, the intention of writing is finally somewhat clear. Moving to xlog actually doesn't make much difference in terms of writing experience, except for the oppressive feeling of "everything you write is permanently recorded" brought by the blockchain storage method. Of course, along with the oppressive feeling is the gratification of "someone will eventually remember", after all, leaving a name is like leaving a sound after the wild geese have passed.

  This kind of gratification seems to not change with the attributes of the content written. Thinking about the blogs of online friends in this way, although there is a law that "there must be acquaintances within two link jumps", but apart from technical posts, I also admit that I will not naturally read the articles that have been on the site of someone I have never met for a long time. In the face of this fact, I naturally do not hold the expectation of being discovered by many people when writing, but this sense of gratification is still real. It seems that in the moment of publication, a blog post has already completed its mission and fulfilled all my expectations for it.

  Writing with such a mentality gives me an unprecedented sense of freedom. As I think now, perhaps for the act of blogging, the content is not important. As Hegel said, expressing ideas sensibly achieves beauty.

  So, if we must find any insignificant meaning in the seemingly worthless act of writing on the internet, then the words I write themselves are already enough meaning for the act of writing for me. My story is packaged into blocks, merged into the vastness of data. They carry this self-comforting meaning, even if they are born buried, they still wait without expectations. In the vast galaxy, even the darkest star is still shining, in this respect, my articles and myself are the same.

  We are insignificant yet arrogant.


  Though miles apart, we are close at heart. Let's meet when the time is right.
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